Andy Lanning Wants To Write More Nova and Darkhawk

He did inspire a multi-million dollar movie and all...

Check Out 8-Bit Darkhawk

Avengers Arena cover.

Now Darkhawk's Been Replaced, Too

We bid Chris Powell adieu.

Avengers Arena #4 Preview (Darkhawk)

The Runaways vs. Avengers Academy! Plus: What is up with Chase and Darkhawk?

Darkhawk Gets Pwned In Avengers Arena #3 (Spoilers)

Last week saw the former galaxy's most wanted -- become the galaxy's most pwned.

Avengers Arena #4 Preview: Darkhawk the Slayer From Space?

Marvel released a preview for Avengers Arena #4 where we see on the cover Darkhawk is known as the slayer from space.

Brew's Crew: The sadly unfinished tale of a potential cosmic titan: Talon!

From the depths of Shi'ar space comes the mighty Talon, another sadly forgotten DnA cosmic thread.

Avengers Arena #3 Preview Features Darkhawk

Check out some pages from Avengers Arena #3 revealing Darkhawk.

Dennis Hopeless Talks Darkhawk in Avengers Arena; New Darkhawk Covers Revealed

Dennis Hopeless says Darkhawk could win Avengers Arena in day one.

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