The Dark Knight Rises

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doesn't Rule Out Fourth Batman Movie

Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt be featured in a follow-up fourth Batman movie to The Dark Knight Rises?!

Cosmopolis' David Cronenberg F-Bombs The Dark Knight Rises Fans And Rips On Comic Book Movies

Superhero movies are not an elevated art form, The Dark Knight Trilogy is boring, Batman has a stupid cape and more from Cosmopolis' David Cronenberg.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Spoiler and Additional Movies

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about his character, whether there will be more movies and helps explain The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Part 2 of The Dark Knight Rises Spoilercast Podcast

Giuseppe and co. continue their discussion on TDKR. Specifics and performances are the focus here.

The Dark Knight Rises Spoilercast: Part 1

The other man in black, a.k.a. Giuseppe Jones, leads his gang of Bat-Fans in discussing The Dark Knight Rises.

Another Deleted Scene From The Dark Knight Rises Surfaces: This Time Bane's Origin

A costume designer on The Dark Knight Rises lets a Bane delete scene become known. One where Bane trains like Batman and more.

The Dark Knight Batman Tumbler - Transformers Autobot Edition!

We knew Lucius Fox was good, but did we know he was this good?! What if the Batman Tumbler was an Autobot?!

We Just Ordered This Awesome $2 million The Dark Knight Rises Home Theater

Have a seat and popcorn with Cosmic Book News in our private Batcave home theater.

ESPN Didn’t Like The Dark Knight Rises Football Scene: Here’s Why

ESPN found almost a dozen things wrong with The Dark Knight Rises Gotham City Rogues scene?!

The Dark Knight Rises Vs. The Avengers! Which Is Better? You decide! (Video)

The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers?! You decide which is better in the following interactive video.

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