The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan Side Steps Justice League Movie Director Question? With A Smile?

Christopher Nolan answers questions related to the Justice League movie and super hero movies.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray Bane Vs. Batman Featurette Video

Check out a behind-the-scenes featurette of Bane vs. Batman with comments from Nolan, Hardy and Bale.

Great Scott! Where's The Man of Steel Reward, Already! WB?!

Super fans are still waiting for their Superman Man of Steel reward with The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray promotion.

The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit Opens In LA

Warner Bros is pleased to announce the launch of a pop up exhibit in Los Angeles, celebrating the December 4th home entertainment release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization Announced (2013)

A new Superman Man of Steel novel from the writer of The Dark Knight Rises novel arrives next year.

Christopher Nolan Was Inspired By Richard Donner's Superman & Talks Ending To The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan talks the ending to The Dark Knight Rises as well as Richard Donner's Superman.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Justice League Movie Is BS

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not the Batman says our own source as well as the reps of JGL.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored New Batman In Justice League Movie; What About Christian Bale?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the new Batman in the Justice League movie? With one more Nolan veteran?

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray: Anne Hathaway Fight Sequences & Bane Football Explosion Videos

Two new videos of Catwoman and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray are online.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray Concept Art Reveals Bane Luchadore Mask From Comic Books

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray Bane concept art reveals a more classic comic book take.

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