Colin Trevorrow

Jurassic Park 4 Put On Hold

JP4 gets stomped out.

Jurassic Park 4 To Introduce New Scarey Breed of Dinosaur

You'll want to keep the lights on after you see JP4.

Colin Trevorrow Directing Jurassic Park 4

Safety Not Guaranteed director lands Jurassic Park.

Colin Trevorrow To Remake Flight Of The Navigator

Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly are on the remake of Flight of the Navigator for Disney.

Star Wars Episode VII: Colin Trevorrow Not Directing

Colin Trevorrow says his odds of directing Star Wars: Episode VII are 3720 to 1.

Star Wars Episode VII: Colin Trevorrow Confirmed Back In June? (Video)

Colin Trevorrow may have hinted that he is doing Star Wars in an interview from last June.

Colin Trevorrow Comments On Star Wars: Would Love To

Colin Trevorrow, director on the sci-fi indie film Safety Not Guaranteed talks about directing Star Wars.

Colin Trevorrow Rumored To Possibly Direct Star Wars Episode VII (2015)

Indie sci-fi filmmaker Colin Trevorrow is said to be on the list of potential directors for Star Wars Episode VII.

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