Colin Farrell

Now Colin Farrell & Justin Theroux Rumored For Doctor Strange

Every actor in Hollywood current rumored...

Total Recall (2012) Movie Review

Lawrence Napoli reviews the new "Total Recall" and offers, "For the memory of a lifetime — you should probably stick with the original."

Total Recall (2012): Two New Colin Farrell Images

Check out a couple images from the new Total Recall featuring Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid.

Total Recall (2012): Colin Farrell Promo Banner Unveiled

Colin Farrell gets Rekalled in this new Total Recall movie banner image.

Underworld's Kate Beckinsale In The Sack With Star Wars' Chewbacca! Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Beckinsale and Chewy get it on in this Jimmy Kimmel spoof video - lots more, too!

Total Recall (2012): Colin Farrel and Jessical Biel Set Images

Images from the set of the Total Recall reboot have made their way on to the web.

Total Recall Remake: Producer Neil Moritz on Movie and Colin Farrell

The producer on the remake of Total Recall confirms Colin Farrell to play the lead and gives details about the sci-fi movie - not going in space.

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