Bryan Hitch

Age Of Ultron #3 Preview

Bryan Hitch preview pages from #3.

Age Of Ultron #1 First Look Preview (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics released a first look preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's Age of Ultron #1 with news of a foil cover.

Bryan Hitch Confirms Man of Steel Comic Book; Shoots Down Superman/Batman

Bryan Hitch shoots down the rumor of a new Batman-Superman comic, mentions Ultron and Man of Steel.

Bryan Hitch and Jonathan Ross Have A Message: Twice As Much Marvel For A Dollar Less

Byran Hitch and Alex Ross sent the following message and preview over about America's Got Powers.

Marvel Retitles FCBD Avengers 12.1 To Age Of Ultron 0.1

Marvel renames their 2012 FCBD issue to reflect the upcoming Age of Ultron storyline.

Bryan Hitch To Image Comics With Jonathan Ross on 'America's Got Powers'

Hitch and Ross will be working on a new superhero reality based tv series comic from Image.

Bryan Hitch Bids Marvel Adieu; Going To Millarworld?

Utimates artist Bryan Hitch has announced that his ten year span at Marvel is over.

Marvel 'Point One' Bendis/Hitch Teaser

The second 'Point One' teaser features Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.

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