Brian Michael Bendis

Bendis All-New X-Men #1 Preview

Marvel released a preview for Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen's All-New X-Men #1.

Dear Bendis: This Is How You Do Thanos. Sincerely, Everybody

Looking forward to the new Guardians of the Galaxy? Might want to read Avengers Assemble #8 first.

Point One Nova and Star-Lord Thoughts

Kid Nova and Star-Lord are in today's Point One. What did you think?

Nova Richard Rider Gets A Mention In Point One

Diamond head references Richard Rider Nova. At least he hasn't forgotten Nova Prime.

Rocket Raccon Is A Joke Character; Guardians of the Galaxy To Appear In Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Written By Bendis

Rocket Raccoon is referred to as a "joke character" by Marvel and Bendis spills the news about the Guardians and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Iron Man Will Be Star Trek's Captain Kirk In Guardians of the Galaxy Says Bendis

Iron Man will hook up with all the space ladies, similar to how Captain Kirk did it with Star Trek says Bendis.

Less Than 6% Of Fans Excited About Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Book

An online poll shows Image Comics and Vertigo projects are more aniticipated by fans than Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy.

How Long Will Nino Nova and Guardians of the Earth Last Before They Are Canceled?

Fans bring up various points, but a common complaint is that Marvel is just not giving them what they want.

DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy Was Canceled Because Of The Movie & Dan Buckley

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley asked Bendis to take over Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy "This is the cosmic Avengers"

Bendis says he hasn't stopped writing Avengers as Guardians of the Galaxy will be guarding the Earth.

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