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Guardians of the Galaxy Spinoffs A Possibility: Animated Movie Cut Reveals Villain Scene

Disney CEO Bob Iger mentions spinoffs. Animated cut reveals scene with big bad.

Watch The Defenders Netflix Marvel Announcement (Video)

Joe Q., Bob Iger and Governor Cuomo on hand for the big announcement.

Marvel Netflix To Film In NYC; 60 One-Hour Episodes

Big announcement said to be coming soon.

More Trouble For Star Wars Episode VII? Release Date Delay Requested & Denied

Kathleen Kennedy asked for a delay due to the script not being ready.

Disney Confirms Star Wars Stand Alone Movies With Kasdan and Kinberg

Bob Iger confirms Star Wars stand alone movies.

Disney CEO Bob Iger's Comments About Disney Purchase of Star Wars (Official Text)

Disney released official text of CEO Bob Iger's comments on the Star Wars acquisition, which includes mention of the Marvel Studios movies.

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