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Green Lantern (2011) movie: Ryan Reynolds Talks Sequel and Third Film

We are only a couple of days away from the opening of the Green Lantern movie, and already Ryan Reynolds is discussing the sequel!

Green Lantern Movie: A Troubled Flop - According To Insiders?

Two movie insiders describe the Green Lantern Movie as "troubled," "terrible" and "mistakes were made."

Preview Trailer: Green Lantern Movie #1 Released

Check out the first trailer to the "Green Lantern Movie" that was released on Entertainment Tonight earlier with Hal Jordan, Abin Sur, Kilowog & Hector Hammond!

Green Lantern: The Movie Report First Look At Kilowog

Cosmic Book News Exclusive! Green Lantern Movie official concept art! Kilowog, the Guardians, Abins-ur! More!


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