Beta Ray Bill

Richard Rider Nova Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credit Scene? Exclusive Details

Is Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy? How about Quasar or Beta Ray Bill?

Brew's Crew: Beta Ray Bill

What if Thor were a horse? Uncle Walter answered the query, just in time for the Kentucky Derby!

Maybe We Are Getting Beta Ray Bill In Thor 2 After All; JIM 652 Solicit

Could our favorite Korbinite be appearing in Thor 2? At least he's in an upcoming comic book.

Marvel Cosmic Action Figure & Box Art: Rocket Raccoon, Silver Surfer, Drax & Beta Ray Bill

Check out some box art and pics of Marvel Cosmic action figures that are hitting the stores just in time for the Holidays.

Brew's Crew: The sorted tale of the demoness Asteroth: Galactus in silver drag!

A strange visitor from another universe, this demoness showed Beta Ray Bill how to lay that hammer down!

Toy Fair 2012: Marvel Figures Include Nova, Beta Ray Bill, Drax and more

Check out some of the more cosmic characters from the Marvel Universe and Legends line shown at the 2012 Toy Fair.

2012 Toy Fair: The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, G.I. Joe and more Images Galore

Here are a bunch of images from the 2012 Toy Fair including Beta Ray Bill, Carbonite Jar Jar Binks, Stormshadow, Snake Eyes and lots more!

NYCC 2011: Marvel Cosmic Hasbro Line Coming Soon (Quasar)

A Hasbro Rep strongly suggested more from Marvel Cosmic will be coming - including Quasar.

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