Batman Vs. Superman

Ben Affleck Shares Motivations For Playing Batman

Affleck talks fear, rage and more.

First Look At Batman Vs. Supeman Gotham PD Solves Stolen Batmobile Case

It's been rumored that the Batmobile was stolen. Zack Snyder took to Twitter to solve the case.

More Pics: Ben Affleck and Batmobile Batman Vs. Superman Set Images

Pics hint that explosions will be featured.

Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile Stolen

First Cavill gets into a fight with the Deaf Wolfpack, and now this.

High-Res Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile Official Image

Sized 2400x1602 and comes in at 3.3mb.

Green Lantern & Justice League Coming To Arrow Teases Stephen Amell

Comments on appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe.

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