Guardians of the Galaxy NYCC 2014 Panel Recap

Starlin, Lanning, Rosemann and more.

Exclusive: Jim Starlin returns to Marvel & Ron Lim, and so do Thanos and Adam Warlock

Starlin talks about his upcoming Marvel Cosmic projects and more.

Marvel Cosmic Comes Home: Annihilators: Earthfall This September!

Coming September will be "Annihilators: Earthfall" - Earth's Mightiest Heoes Are About to Meet The Galaxy's Mightiest Heroes!

Review: Rocket & Groot #1

Before this tale ends, I think we will discover more about Rocket Raccoon and Groot than we could have imagined, and had some laughs and some tears along the way.

Review: The Annihilators #1

I can't understand why Marvel would choose to go this route -- hyping the "Cosmic Avengers" and giving us a cosmic fiasco.

Preview: The Annihilators #1 (of 4)

Marvel’s all-star cosmic team - and cult faves Rocket Raccoon & Groot – in one massive mini! The Silver Surfer! Beta-Ray Bill! Gladiator! Quasar! Ronan!

Tom Brevoort on Marvel Cosmic: "More To Come"

Tom responds to a fan's remarks on the future of Marvel Cosmic after Silver Surfer and The Annihilators.

Hey Marvel! Quasar isn't the self-doubting rookie he once was!

By Epoch's only eye, I hope the self-doubting unconfident Wendell Vaughn that we laid to rest all those eons ago does not come back when The Annihilators assemble this March!

DnA On Marvel's Annihilators and First Look!

DnA spoke on the upcoming four issue mini that hits this March, plus preview pages from artist Tan Eng Huat!

Marvel Comics The Annihilators/Rocket and Groot #2 April 2011 Solicitation

Here is the solicit and covers for The Annihilators/Rocket and Groot #2!

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