Patrick Warburton To Star In The Tick Reboot on Amazon

Gets a pilot. Viewers vote for full season.

Amazon Buying comiXology

"There is no better home for comiXology than Amazon to see this vision through."

Wonder Woman Amazon CW TV Series Axed

Might be open to it sometime down the road.

CW's Wonder Woman Series "Amazon" In Redevelopment

A Heroes scribe is now working on the Wonder Woman script.

CW Passes On Amazon Wonder Woman TV Show

No Amazon this year, but there's still hope for Wonder Woman.

Amy Manson As Wonder Woman For CW's Amazon?

Scottish actress Amy Manson is said to be up for the role of Wonder Woman in CW's Amazon.

CW Exploring Other DC Comics Properties For TV; Update On Wonder Woman "Amazon"

CW is looking at other DC Comics characters, and an update on the new Wonder Woman show.

CW's "Amazon" Wonder Woman Screen Testing Reveals Steve Trevor

Two screen testing scenes for the new Amazon Wonder Woman TV show feature Steve Trevor with Diana.

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