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Byron says this one is a fun and involving adventure.
A conclusion for the ages and a satisfying end to a cosmic classic.
Timelord offers it's a complete train wreck and more!
Darren Blackburn reviews the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!
Great action, characterization packed into this episode.
Great humor, but not much story.
Promises a series readers are sure to love.
A cornucopia of talent has made one hell of a clever book that fans will clamor over! Look out Deadpool, Harley can break the 4th wall too!
Byron really likes the new exploratory angle of this book.
Avengers #23: a textbook example of how to write a gripping space opus.
Arvid Nelson takes the obvious and wraps it with a mystery inside an enigma.
A delightful and action-packed episode.
Lo, fear the Light Elves! It ain't your daddy's candy stick. A delightful romp.
Lee and Casallos bring the origin of Starbuck to life!
Valiant sets the comic world ablaze with Unity #1! From first timers to long time fans, EVERYONE should be reading this book!
Terrific book to get in on if you are new to the DCU!
Snyder’s writing and Capullo’s art are off the chart!
The writers are making this book more than just a Green Lantern follow-up.
Scott Snyder's "Zero Year" continues with more intrigue and mystery into Batman's past. A must read for ALL Bat fans!
All out chaos reigns down in this installment of TWD and by tales end, you will cringe with both unease and excitement for the next issue!
DnA show they can bring new life to classic characters. Beware the Cylons!
A five-issue mini with gun-slinging action and shadowy mystery. A fun read!
Lawrence offers his review for Thor 2. "Favorite movie all year so far! An absolute must-see!"
Overall this is a really fun, entertaining read and Amazing X-Men is off to a great start.