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The CBN review gives this one star. "Calling it hackneyed would be a compliment."
We get to know the Universe as Hickman's great Avengers saga becomes even more cosmic. A must-read!
As Johns' long run on this book nears its end, pieces of years of a storytelling puzzle fall into place. Cosmic!
Like your comic book adventure with an edge of the horrific? Then this Oni Press offering is for you. Shocking!
Tis is it! The might Red Lantern Atrocitus battles Carol Ferris (?) for the fate of the universe! Not what it seems.
Looking for something that will satisfy ever aspect of perfect writing? Archer & Armstrong is your one stop shop for it all!
The future of Valiant lies at your fingertips in Bloodshot #8, don't let it slip away!
Buy it for the definitive fate of one of the most beloved characters, stay for an open door of possibilities!
A wrap up worthy of the entire arc that will leave a smile on your face, and you didn't even need Joker gas to get it!
Nick Fury and Frank Castle go to war in Ennis' powerful Marvel series.
The story between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" continues to dazzle.
"Nothing brings people together like the threat of being eaten by dinosaurs."
Threshold #2 rewards readers who didn't fancy the New Guardians Annual. Great cosmic adventure and priceless Giffen wit!
Daryl Gregory returns to Planet of the Apes in a scintillating tale of war, love and betrayal! A recommended read.
Rings without power, three Lanterns make their way to sanctuary -- and they cannot understand each other!
Yeah, yeah, this film's been out for a while, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before the Desolation of Smaug comes out.
An explosive ramble through the Deadside that will leave Shadowman standing at the top of the"Best New Series" category! Everything you want in a great book awaits you!
A harrowing look at how the depravity of man can change a person. If you want to see the origin of one of the most intense villains -- look no further than this!
DnA are showing us how to assemble a new universe the right way, and with cosmic grandeur!
These are the top five books that are hitting the shelves today! If your pull list doesn't have these titles on it -- you are missing the best of the best!
Controversy over "Bat signal" or not, Dan Slott has slowly begun to win me over with this series. Finally, Doc Spidey gets to unleash in this issue and things begin to fall apart!
Throw out everything you knew, Lemire starts it all over with a BANG!
There is something refreshing about Avengers #5. A cosmic trip that reminded me of rides past. Great read!
Reading this book is fun and intoxicating. We should all thank BOOM for keeping the experience going -- with our wallets!

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