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Betrayal from within threatens to destroy Red Lantern Razer and the universe in this action-filled toon.
If you really need proof that Jennifer Lawrence deserved the Oscar, look no further than Silver Linings Playbook!
Not adding to pull list; it’s disrespectful of all the elements that made GotG great. Sadly, Bendis has turned this into “Garbage of the Galaxy.”
We have all seen the cover and heard the hype, but is Batman Incorporated #8 going to truly shake fandom to it's foundations? The answer is a resounding -- YES!
It's comedy tonight! Or rather on Saturday morning, as Larfleeze hits the GL Animated Series! Classic!
Geoff Johns foray into the darker, covert side of the Justice League is a sure fire hit! It is the build-up of a lifetime with a payoff that will change the new DCU in exceptional ways!
When the US government needs a bailout, they apparently turn to Hollywood. Well at least they did once back in 1979.
Here's an Oscar contender that should have delivered much more than it actually did.
The CBN review gives this one star. "Calling it hackneyed would be a compliment."
We get to know the Universe as Hickman's great Avengers saga becomes even more cosmic. A must-read!
As Johns' long run on this book nears its end, pieces of years of a storytelling puzzle fall into place. Cosmic!
Like your comic book adventure with an edge of the horrific? Then this Oni Press offering is for you. Shocking!
Tis is it! The might Red Lantern Atrocitus battles Carol Ferris (?) for the fate of the universe! Not what it seems.
Looking for something that will satisfy ever aspect of perfect writing? Archer & Armstrong is your one stop shop for it all!
The future of Valiant lies at your fingertips in Bloodshot #8, don't let it slip away!
Buy it for the definitive fate of one of the most beloved characters, stay for an open door of possibilities!
A wrap up worthy of the entire arc that will leave a smile on your face, and you didn't even need Joker gas to get it!
Nick Fury and Frank Castle go to war in Ennis' powerful Marvel series.
The story between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" continues to dazzle.
"Nothing brings people together like the threat of being eaten by dinosaurs."
Threshold #2 rewards readers who didn't fancy the New Guardians Annual. Great cosmic adventure and priceless Giffen wit!
Daryl Gregory returns to Planet of the Apes in a scintillating tale of war, love and betrayal! A recommended read.
Rings without power, three Lanterns make their way to sanctuary -- and they cannot understand each other!
Yeah, yeah, this film's been out for a while, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before the Desolation of Smaug comes out.

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