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A brand new story arc debuts with this issue! Assassins, drunk immortals, Area 51 and wormholes await you in one of the best written books on the market today!
Artist Neil Edwards makes his full issue Valiant debut with Shadowman #7 and the world of Jack Boniface will never be the same again!
Buccellato & Clique continue their mission to bring a pulp marvel into a noir modern world. With success!
One of the best, most emotional chapters in the long-term saga by Hickman and Spencer.
The new Green Lantern team starts things out with a bang: Hal at his best, new recruits, and ...Larfleeze!
DefTone presents Ombis: Alien Invasion, but does this local pulp film require your attention?
Burning up the box office for its opening weekend isn't much of a stretch for F&F6, but firing on all cylinders isn't enough when what we need is super-charging the plot.
Great humor and animation here, but the plot needs a little more meat. MODOK is pathetic!
Johns concludes his Green Lantern run in epic fashion.
Is this what happens when old money squares off against new money? Somehow, I imagine a grudge match between Oprah and George W. would be a little less classy.
There are a staggering amount of books coming your way this week, but which ones should you get? THESE five books are the comic fan MUST reads of the week!
Scribe J.T. Krul introduces us to a hero: a man out of time fighting in a world he never made. Noir!
Simone and Geovani team to bring a new iteration of action-packed warrior woman to life. A must-read!
Into Darkness is another exciting adventure in science fiction, but does it borrow too much from the greatness of the past?
This week's episode sees Da Vinci wandering off the beaten path which might seem like a good thing, but not so much for this episode.
There’s really just one word to describe this season finale – WOW!
What if your dreams weren't just fantasy? What if they were something more powerful and much more dangerous?
Just when I thought this storyline couldn’t possibly get any more silly and child-oriented – Loeb ups the level of stupid juvenility and proves me wrong.
Darren Blackburn reviews the Neil Gaiman penned episode.
What's a jailed Da Vinci to do? Call Johnny Cochran? Apparently Leonardo has other means of defense at his disposal.
Urban fantasy takes a new turn in an independent series available through Comixology and other digital venues.
A family reunion you never thought you'd see! Jerwa and Berkenkotter put together a haunting tale.
A pristine character piece that will reset the standard for high quality storytelling! Harbinger is one of the best series on the market today!
Fred Van Lente dials back the hilarity to bring us a thought provoking tale about the perils and pleasures of life. One of the best issues yet!