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Urban fantasy takes a new turn in an independent series available through Comixology and other digital venues.
A family reunion you never thought you'd see! Jerwa and Berkenkotter put together a haunting tale.
A pristine character piece that will reset the standard for high quality storytelling! Harbinger is one of the best series on the market today!
Fred Van Lente dials back the hilarity to bring us a thought provoking tale about the perils and pleasures of life. One of the best issues yet!
With a down-to-earth tale amid the heavy cosmic, Hickman bats in a real winner this issue. Classic!
With his ring working and power battery back, Caul -- and this series -- picks up the pace tremendously!
The cover may make you postulate an action laden issue, but you would be mistaken. Instead, we are given the origin of Ezekiel and Shiva, which almost makes up for it!
Can't be free with the Mad Titan setting his sites on Earth.
"The Magician" proves that Da Vinci's hands are quicker than anyone else's eyes, but is he a master illusionist or simply a silver tounged devil? Perhaps both.
U.K. Correspondent Darren Blackburn's favorite episode of the season!
Basically, this book is an embarrassment to the Thanos mythology.
Buccellato and Cliquet create an atmosphere of fear in a misty but modern world. Great pulp revival!
Iron Man 3 is going to make a lot of money thanks to Robert Downey Jr. But this film's got diminishing returns and Downey won't be around forever.
With an oppressive amount of comics coming out this week, just what should you get? The Top of the Pile gives you the five best books EVERYONE should be reading this week!
The action, laughs and utter absurdity will certainly entertain, but the theoretical question mark forming over your head might actually phase into reality by the end of this film.
Starlin's cosmic revamp of this former dud continues its wonderous ways as the team lifts off into deep space!
A dark and mesmerizing tale that finally gives the definitive origin of the most powerful creature in the Valiant Universe -- Master Darque!
This is THE most comprehensive, exciting and reader friendly crossover you will EVER read! Welcome to the concussive chaos of Harbinger Wars!
Lawrence Napoli reviews the latest episode of David Goyer's new series on Starz.
UK Correspondent Darren Blackburn reviews the latest episode of Who.
A new comic concept in a cosmically classic style. Remender is working miracles with this book.
The Guardians have declined in every way – characterization, power, resourcefulness. Another brilliant move by the Marvel architects.
John T. shares his thoughts on the latest episode as well as what's new for the video game.
Mutants, slackers, vampires, teens and some of the best horror stories you will ever read, are all coming your way this week! Find out what the best five books you need to buy - right here!