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Lawrence Napoli reviews director Neil Blomkamp's latest SF film, but it's not the best of the Summer.
The cosmic opus Jonathan Hickman fans have been waiting for!
M.E. Byron Brewer offers his thoughts on this week's issue.
Bottom line...it's about time, you made time for, Zoe: Out of Time...
Byron reviews the latest episode of the hit CBS Stephen King series.
No man of tomorrow, this pulp-style superman wants to be fun and retro, but just isn't.
Definitely the best of the worst to date
With all the fallout from AvX , X-Men has certainly been one of the bright spots of Marvel NOW.
Like Atrocitus, Red Lanterns needs a kickstart to the heart.
Fate sisters Sully and Alaya continue their balancing act as a world holds its collective breath!
Another great episode with human drama and pathos all deriving from the dropping of the dome.
Lawrence Naploli offers, "Yet another summer 'blockbuster' that loses its luster for not having that 'IT' factor that makes it a must see."
Prepare for a hunger so strong, that no universe is safe! Good issue.
Two mighty characters come together in a fun action/adventure story so rich you can taste it.
EIC Matt McGloin shares his thoughts on The Wolverine.
If you've been following Trinity War since FCBD '12, you will be more than satisfied with this fun book!
I hope lovers of crime and adventure comics will pick Uncanny up and read it. It is a keeper.
Uncanny Avengers is still the best book on the shelves for either X-Men or Avengers franchise.
Cool dome effects, sharp character moments and even some dark humor make this a great episode.
All in all, a great second chapter in DC's biggest crossover in the New 52.
It’s just trying too hard to be a cosmic version of Dexter.
So save your money on this one guys. It’s really not worth adding to anybody’s collection.
Hickman and Spencer continue their long-term work of cosmic delight, leading somehow into Infinity.
If you're looking for one book this month, cosmic fans, Green Lantern: New Guardians #22 is it!