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Lawrence reviews Batfleck's latest movie, and it's a winner.
Murder comes to Hollywood in this fantastic new series from Brubaker and Phillips.
Abnett delivers a powerhouse first issue that breathes new life into the original GotG team.
Marvel Studios showed off the latest movie featuring the Assemblers. Check it out,
Ads aired earlier on the Disney Channel with mention of something.
Marvel Cosmic Dream Team? Wishful thinking?
Drops an f-bomb.
Joe Queseda concept art being given away.
"That movie would be bananas."
Premiers Friday, October 24th on NBC.
DC's yearly September event shows a lot of benefit.
Exclusive Look at “Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron”
Not going to be cheesy.
Available this coming Tuesday.
Blame the trade waiters.
"Things You Can't Outrun."
Attempting to obstruct those with prying eyes and cameras.
Snyder asking DC to reduce it.
Add one more future Batman villain.
Extended synopsis.
"I love being surprised in movies."
No Will Smith.
"Global expectations for this series could not have been any higher."
"The Fastest Man Alive."
Lance calls the Arrow when another archer appears in town...
Via our sister site Famous Movie News.
"Awesome and truly inspiring project to work on."
Limited edition X-O Manowar Urban Vinyl Figure.
Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis, Batman, Lego Batman...
Potential spoilers follow if true.
Back to the drawing board for Marvel.
The world's favorite blonde space adventurer returns in Jean-Claude Forest's classic comic with Kelly Sue DeConnick!
Wants to work with Christopher Nolan.
Affleck and Snyder had to retaliate!
Hail Hydra.
RDJ says you have to complete the ride...
Perlman wrote earlier versions of the movie script: SF writer on Marvel Cosmic. Good news.
Raphael gift set is also available.
Lot of competition next Summer...
He is the perfect killing machine. The apex weapon. The demolisher.