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Stan The Man.
Beast, Quicksilver and more.
Be on the look out. Happens pretty quick.
Playing Victor von Doom.
DnA back on two GoTG comics this week!
Working for the Gotham PD.
Jor-El in Batman Vs. Superman?
Official Michael Bay Twitter account responds.
Gamora, Star-Lord, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.
Hawkeye is excited to be in S. Korea.
Website images and bg pics.
"Those are their own people."
Byron and Gail discuss Sonja then and now, dream match-ups, and Walter Giovani.
Are we getting the Prison and Governor all over again?
And you thought the alien origin rumors were bad.
Playing a new Terminator?
Rick's back!
Jack Stanley on board as writer.
Michael Bay said to be taking over.
Share to awaken the truth.
Record-breaking night on AMC.
Sticking with Marvel.
Caesar and son?!
What did you think of the finale?
The Pursuer is pursued in upcoming Marvel movie.
It's all connected.
Over seven minutes of audio.
Did you need another reason to watch? Here ya go!
Airs tonight!
Looks like Arnold is back.
Three megamovies planned.
War for survival across two time periods.
Goyer talks science-fiction aspects to Krypton in Man of Steel.
Filming begins in South Korea.
Will we see Harley again?
Eva Green, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and more.
Possible big announcements coming at Comic-Con.
Would you want to see a Wolverine musical - bub?!
Returns in 2015.

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