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Cool TMNT beats.
Richard Rider was in early drafts of the Guardians script.
Find out more this week at the SDCC.
Taking place at the Blizzard booth.
Yondu is excited, and so are we.
Taking place at Petco Park, but already sold out.
A must-watch for all fans of the Dark Knight.
Includes a batch of bonus features.
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Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.
Marvel not letting the cat out of the bag just yet.
Kevin Feige confirms a multi-picture deal.
Joss Whedon might be done with Marvel after The Avengers 2.
Win a set visit and private screening.
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More spoilers or more spin?
Not enough Banner, but Feige thinks the story is cool.
Appearing Friday at the SDCC with the first trailer.
First time Heath Ledger Joker is in LEGO form.
Available August 5th.
Gunn loves weird fetishes.
First look coming at Comic-Con.
Cool playable characters from the comics.
The previous teaser is said to be faked as well.
Iron Man 4? Inhumans? Black Panther?
The gang is all here.
DC Vs. Marvel hits May 6, 2016.
2-hour Arrow and Flash event.
Editor Fred Raskin offers this thoughts.
Might already be in the works.
Michael B. Jordan talks Josh Trank's vision.
Geoff Johns has bad news for fans hoping for a shared movie/tv universe.
Former arcade prodigies turned losers tuned heroes.
Kaufman's cameo revealed.
Chris Evans can do two characters, why not Crossbones?
Featured Friday at the SDCC.
Special screening hits in August.
New season begins Tuesday, July 22nd.
Hercules has the strength of a God but feels the suffering of a human.