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Awesome animation from the July 2011 issue.
It’s a showdown that could shatter two worlds!
Montreal on Monday.
Damon's return is questionable.
Back again.
Fox found its Mr. Fantastic?
Brad Pitt is excited for fans to see it!
Hits November 1st.
Lawrence Napoli takes an in-depth look at the choices for the new Batman! And those that came before!
Cap signs up to take on Ultron.
Popular older actors up for Batman?
No one-eyed wonder for DOFP.
Joins Colin Firth and Taron Egerton.
Hammer isn't even a fan of superhero films.
What brings The Flash to Arrow?
Can't beat free.
Super fans are not happy.
Who will be the little guy's big threat?
Just follow the comics.
A-List writers and talent on th Avatar sequels.
12th Doctor could be Peter Capaldi.
Three times larger than Singer! And real!
First DLC for the best-selling multiplatform video game of 2013 to date.
Hi, folks, it's me, Internet sensation and game review subject, Deadpool.
New high-level multiplayer and solo adventures.
The next DLC is finally here for the PS3!
A coven gathers.
Syfy has announced that it will air the third season of the popular time traveling police series Continuum.
No PG-13 rating for this one.
Two more TWD board games!
Poster hits a week before the new trailer.
Nova fans displeased with the costumes.
Update from the EA annual stockholders meeting.
Good news Jaeger vs Kaiju fans, part 2 might be in the works.
Available October 25th.
Frank Miller on Superman/Batman?
By Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu.
The Animal filming underwater for GoTG.
Cybertronian key?
Our nosy M.E. corners the Lone Ranger writer to discover the Shadow's trek of terror to Las Vegas!