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Could it be Knowhere?
Featured on Nashville and World War Z.
No worries. All publicity is good publicity.
Optimus, Megatron and Bumblebee featured.
Damon and Nolan.
Two Summer favorites back on the big screen for a second time!
Dinobots in T4!
Clues to Ultron's origin. Potential spoilers.
A reporter states the December 2015 rumor is false.
Cosmic Book News featured on the nationally televised E! News TV show.
Turtle power! Available for download today!
You are not alone!
Prepare yourself for a third horrifying season!
The "DOC" is back and he brings you a look at the 5 best comic book covers of the week!
Possible casting call gives additional info.
Real or fan-made?
Damon thinks the fan response has been funny.
Stephen Amell and the rest of the Arrow cast.
Stars aligning for the NYCC in October.
SyFy Fall TV Series and original movies.
All-out battle between Joker, Luthor, Batman and Supeman!
Alien colonization has begun!
Probably not reprising as Lucius Fox.
Superman back on the big screen for one week only!
Hints at more than a cameo for the Mad Titan!
Syfy will transport viewers inside the provocative and imaginative world of body painting art.
Posters and previews from each of the new series on the CW.
Stephen Amell says Nolan is the czar of all things Warner Bros. and DC.
Looks like Damon is returning to the billion dollar franchise.
From the producers of the original Bruce Willis-Brad Pitt theatrical.
Check out some cool images of Affleck as the Dark Knight!
Somewhere in time and space exists an enigmatic place known as “Tomorrowland.”
Ford plays Max Drummer.
Un Mundo Oscuro!
Snyder and co. gathering ideas for the major supporting cast members.
Here is your list of comics on sale this week.
Debuted at the VMAs.
Lawrence responds to the verbal fanboy vomit as well as the notion that Affleck's situation is similar to Keaton or Ledger's.
Possible spoilers for Transformers 4!
McFarlane updates the Spawn movie.