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Add a captain to the mix...
Oliver Queen! Rise!
Peter Dinklage the possible villain.
Practically perfect in every way.
Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Glad he hasn't play a comic book character.
Starring alongside Tom Hiddleston.
Find out Ultron's name and more.
"Path of the Jedi."
More may come. Keep watch for visions of the future.
Bring on Convergence.
Edgar Wright not on the list.
Hacked e-mails between Quentin Tarantino and Amy Pascal.
Opening of movie and more.
Iron Man Mark XLII Armor from Hot Toys.
Connection to JARVIS.
A devastating cosmic showdown beginning this March.
Tatum compares it to Batman Begins.
Amy Adams says no cat fight.
This January, the countdown begins…
Andrew Garfield wanted by Marvel for a different role?
Real exosuit capable of travelling 200mph.
Bilbo and co. take up office jobs.
Kevin Feige said to not want the producer involved.
Known for directing "Mud."
The Sony leaks continue...
Sony hacked e-mails.
In charge when Nolan directed Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy.
Kelly Sue DeConnick backs campaign to get weight changed.
With Andrew Garfield possibly out, Cosmic Book News offers five new Spider-Men.
Looks slightly blue with gray and black.
Iron Spider costume.
Warning from Sony.
From Dragon Con 2014.
Sony hacks continue.
Blend of live-action and CGI.