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Furthest from a must-see this summer and is easily the biggest, personal, disappointment of the year.
Lawrence gives us his take on the latest Marvel Studios movie.
An all-ages movie that is also a love letter for us 1960s-gen geezers.
DC needs to go back to superhero school and learn what it's all about.
Lawrence reviews the latest reboot and was pleasantly surprised and impressed by what he saw.
Lawrence isn't too impressed with Peter Jackson's latest take. Read more inside!
Lawrence Napoli reviews the latest from Jennifer Lawrence.
Lawrence offers his review for Thor 2. "Favorite movie all year so far! An absolute must-see!"
Lawrence reviews Ridley's Scott's latest over at Famous Movie News.
Lawrence Napoli says it's the first Oscar worthy film of the Fall.
STID now On Demand: EIC Matt McGloin says it's the Loeb and Bendis version of Wrath of Khan.
Lawrence reviews Vin Diesel's latest describing it as a "remixing of history" and more.
In theaters now! And CBN's Lawrence Naploi offers his thoughts on the latest starring Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz.
Lawrence Napoli reviews director Neil Blomkamp's latest SF film, but it's not the best of the Summer.
Lawrence Naploli offers, "Yet another summer 'blockbuster' that loses its luster for not having that 'IT' factor that makes it a must see."
EIC Matt McGloin shares his thoughts on The Wolverine.
Lawrence offers his take on the giant robots vs. giant monsters sci-fi action-extravaganza.
"World War Z is a summer, blockbuster, popcorn film through and through," says CBN's Lawrence Napoli and more.
Man of Steel makes us believe we can all fly again, but how long will this bird soar without run-ins from Justice League-ers to keep it fresh?
The "Avengers" of dorky comics and randomly selected celebritires assemble to confront the apocalypse head on, but do they make us laugh in the face of death or simply bleed out our eyes?
If we're closer to Robocop reality thanks to drone technology, how far off are we from the police state with a little mix of anarchy? The Purge explores.
DefTone presents Ombis: Alien Invasion, but does this local pulp film require your attention?
Burning up the box office for its opening weekend isn't much of a stretch for F&F6, but firing on all cylinders isn't enough when what we need is super-charging the plot.
Is this what happens when old money squares off against new money? Somehow, I imagine a grudge match between Oprah and George W. would be a little less classy.

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