Movie News

"Quite a different movie from the first..."
Find out when Harrison Ford will appear in the film.
Nebula compared to Boba Fett.
Sorry, fanboys.
Cool compilation of Easter Eggs.
Batman heads to the Death Star!
Set in the era of the new movies.
Marvel has requested body scans.
Official images. Hits next July.
Director and producer.
Not as big as expected.
What could have been...
Will feature mass destruction.
Bounty hunters!
Regal accidently slipped...
"Much looser than people think."
At least there won't be a dance off.
11 monster images.
Arnold is Back. As a T-800.
Getting some chimichangas.
Includes appearances from Hulk, Incredible Hulk and The Avengers.
Using the Keysi fighting style.
Millennium Falcon in action.
Ruffalo smash preschooler.
Hosting for the second time in December.
Gunn worried about the numerous shared universes being planned by studios.