Movie News

Glove that holds the six Infinity Gems.
Blu-Ray available in a couple weeks.
Reported to be a done deal. Maybe we'll get a Nightstalkers movie with Ghost Rider.
Good news: Hawkeye will be around for a while.
Said to be at the one yard line.
Green screen pics.
The Flash? Metallo? Nope.
Hollywood at it again.
Cavill's stunt double is on scene.
Comapares the Marvel Cosmic movie to winning the Super Bowl.
In theaters November 21st.
The worldwide phenomenon continues to set the world on fire.
Marvel Cosmic on top.
Whedon shows Hawkeye how to pull the bow.
Where is Gordon?
Preemptive deal removes it from the Toronto Film Festival.
National Dog Day.
Maybe we'll get Commissioner Gordon soon...
New look at the Man of Steel and Lois Lane.
Mention of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, Star Wars and more.
Winter Soldier and Falcon answer Cap's call.
Having a little fun or actual teases?
Rooker and Bautista reenact the fan-favorite scene.
May the icy force be with you...
Joins baby Groot as a bobble-head.
The Avengers 2 is even more epic than the first.